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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can we park when we come to your store?

There is always street parking available. You do have to pay the meters, so make sure you have quarters, or stop in the store and we will give you some. On Saturdays, the meters are free until 1 pm. We also have a few spaces in the lot across the street, also on the corner of Sixth and Wall. Pull into the lot and go to the right and park along the brick building. There will be yellow signs hanging saying Seestedt’s.

2. Do you have Remnants?

Yes. We have hundreds of remnants to choose from ranging in sizes as small as 12 x 4 to ones as large as 12 x 22. If those do not fit the size you need, we also have hundreds of large rolls in stock that we are more than happy to cut off of.

3. Why should I buy from you instead of a “big box” store?

CustomersThere are many reasons for this. First off would be the customer service you get from a small shop. You are not just an order here, you are an actual person that we care about and want to help you select your flooring. If there was ever to be an issue with your flooring that you purchase, you have a shop that will take the time to listen to the problem and resolve it for you. We also have been in the business for many years and have the knowledge and experience in the flooring industry. We are enrolled in classes to stay on top of the industry standards and new items that are constantly coming out. And the same goes for our installers. They all have been trained in the industry and have spent most of their lives doing this.

Another reason would be the selection. You will find so much more in a small specialty shop then that in a big box store. After all it’s all we do and all we know! You also sometimes find that the specialty stores have larger color selections on items then the box stores. Another difference would be that we take the time to be very selective of the products in our showroom. We make sure we have the best products available, so you know you are buying quality goods.

You will also find that we have a much quicker turn around time. We can get you measured and installed much quicker than you will typically find from a big box store. Our sales people are also very prompt at getting bids out and getting questions answered.

The last reason would be that we have to remember to support small businesses. These are the shops that our country was founded on. These are the shops that are ran by the families that have grown up here and are still here in the same communities. Supporting small businesses keeps our communities strong.

4. How long does it take to get the flooring I selected and then how long will it take before I can get an install?

All flooring is a little bit different, but generally if the item in available it takes only 7-10 business days to get your flooring. At Seestedt’s, we can usually schedule to have your flooring installed shortly after the materials arrive. What we will do is order the flooring and then contact you with the estimated arrival date and schedule at that time so things move along quickly for you.

If you happen to selected a product that we have in- stock (here at the store), we can often get your job measured and installed in less than a week. 5. What days do you install? We install Mondays through Fridays. We start in the morning between 8 – 9:30 am. 6. How much does a measure/estimate cost? We offer free estimates, so we will not charge to send someone out to measure your space. However, you do not get to keep the diagram.


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