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Area Rug in Living Room of a home in St Paul Minnesota




Why you need a rug pad & how to choose one



Adding a rug pad underneath your new area rug is like adding a foundation for your rug. You wouldn’t build a home without a foundation, right? Here are the top reasons you need a rug pad as well as how to choose one.



They preserve the fibers


Have you thought about your rug fibers? Depending on the traffic that hits your rug each day, those fibers get compressed as they are walked across. A rug pad is an additional piece of support for your rug and can help preserve the pile of your rug and give it life for much longer!


They simplify cleaning


A rug pad minimizes friction, making vacuuming easier. Because the pad acts as a net, it conveniently traps dirt in one place instead of allowing it to wear away between your flooring and the rug. It also provides circulation between your rug and the floor, so bacteria can’t breed under the covers. That means no mold, mildew, or odor for your indoor or outdoor rugs.


They keep rugs in place


Do you have a rug that curls up at the corners or slides around a bit? A rug pad acts as a gripper between your beautiful flooring and your area rug. If your rug pad is cut correctly to size, the corners of your rug should stay in place, causing less tripping and no more adjusting or moving rugs back into place where you had originally put them, making your home or outdoor living space a safer place. Win, win!


They add some insulation


Maybe your room echoes a little. Maybe you’re on the second floor and you have someone living below you. Maybe you’ve added an area rug to your outdoor patio. Whatever the situation, adding a rug pad under your rug helps absorb noise and foot traffic and gives extra padding. As an added bonus, your rug will also feel extra plush underfoot. Sink your toes into your rug and feel the difference an additional layer of cushioning between the rug and the floor really makes.


How to choose a rug pad


There are two key things to consider—size and type. You don’t want to see the rug pad along the edges of your area rug. So, you’ll want your rug pad to be slightly smaller than your rug. Ideally, it should be one inch smaller on all four sides of the rug, or two inches less for each dimension. You’ll find that most rug pads do come in standard rug sizes but can be easily trimmed with scissors if needed.


Consider the LuxeHold Reversible Rug Pad, the ultimate in rug padding! This highly durable rug pad, made from synthetic fibers with a natural rubber backing, is the perfect solution to help hold your area rugs in place. Ideal for tile & uneven surfaces, this rug pad can be used on hardwood, laminate, marble, luxury vinyl, or bamboo. You can even reverse it for use on carpet or place it over radiant heat flooring.


The SureGrip Non-Slip Rug Pad is an easy, affordable rug pad for use on any hard surface floor. This non-slip, polymer-coated polyester pad prevents your rug backing from scratching wood flooring. It also makes vacuuming easier and extends your rug’s lifespan. It can easily be cut to size and is naturally microbial.


Our UltraGrip Extra Cushioned Rug Pad is easily trimmed to fit smaller sized area rugs and is perfect for indoor use on wood, laminate, tile, vinyl, and marble flooring. It extends rug life and prevents scratching. Our area rug pads are ideal for tile and uneven surfaces. Multiple pieces can be used for larger sized area rugs if needed. It can easily be cut to size and is naturally microbial.


For outdoor spaces, consider this Outdoor Rug Pad to keep your outdoor rugs in place on patios, porches, balconies, and decks. This extremely durable rug pad resists abrasion and fading and allows your outdoor rugs to dry quickly after getting wet. This helps to prevent the growth of mold & mildew. While intended for use on stone, concrete, tile, wood, or any other exterior hard surfaces, this pad is not intended for use over ice or snow-covered surfaces. It can easily be cut to size.


Want to shop for the perfect area rug pad? The team at Seestedt's Carpet in Saint Paul, MN can help! Browse our large selection of both rugs and rug pads at 1891 Suburban Avenue and be sure to contact us with any questions!

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