About area rugs

Area Rugs are the perfect accessory to finish a room and tie all your design elements together. They provide another level of beauty as well as provide protection to your floors underneath. Area rugs can be bold or subtle, which ever suits your taste.

Custom area rugs

Seestedt's specializes in custom area rugs. We will help you select the perfect carpet so you can have a one-of-a-kind custom rug made to what ever shape or size you want. We offer both serging and binding for the edging. We can also provide different backings to help protect your floors or provide a non-skid safety feature. Most Area Rugs can be competed in about 3 – 4 week time period, so you wont have to wait months for your custom rug. We also custom make stair runners too!

Please call or stop in today to see how you can start the process of your new one-of-a-kind area rug. We look forward to helping your dreams come true!

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Binding & Serging

Binding: A narrow nylon tape that is stitched along the edge of the carpet. This type of edging is very modern and durable.

Serging: A narrow strip of tape that looks like yarn that is stitched along the edge of the carpet. This type of edging is common on Area Rugs, giving a little “fancier” looking finish.

We can also help with other types of edging from a few of the carpet mills we work with. If you are looking for a wider option or more dramatic look to the edge, please stop in and we will be happy to show you.